Offset your carbon footprint

Through our network, access certified forest projects that generate carbon credits. These assets can be used by companies or individuals to compensate for their emissions.

What are carbon credits

Environmental projects generate carbon credits by naturally sequestering GHG emissions.
These credits are globally recognized certificates that allow individuals and companies to compensate for their carbon (CO2) footprint.

By investing in environmental projects, effective action is taken to mitigate the impacts of human activity that generates climate change.

Carbon Credits

We believe nature-based solutions are the best option for carbon compensation

Become part of the neutrality movement


Find out your impact

We can help you measure your carbon footprint. We use the GHG protocol standards to accurately calculate carbon emissions within the 3 scopes of impact.

Scope 1

Covers direct emissions from owned or controlled sources.

Scope 2

Covers indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling consumed by the reporting company.

Scope 3

Includes all other indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain.


Explore and purchase carbon credits from forest projects worldwide

We offer a simple and direct solution for companies to compensate for their carbon footprint. Our partners promote long-term management of endangered areas, preservation of local biodiversity, and engagement with local communities.

At the time of purchase, credits are retired under the client’s name and a certificate is issued to account for this investment. This process is transparent and certified by credible and authorised third parties.


Share your impact and communicate your actions

Boost brand awareness with the promotion of your responsible actions.

We provide companies with a neutrality label that guarantees that actions are credible and represents long term commitment to the future.

The time is now.Purchase carbon credits.

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