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The reserve is part of the Jaguar’s home, and they are monitored for research and conservation purposes. We guide you to observe them, from a respectful distance.

A date with a Puma

Each one of us can make a difference
Together we make change

Our community, our pride. Experience the local life living among some of the best people you will ever meet.

A community supported

The Onça-parda in Brazil is considered a vulnerable species

A carbon free future...

The area of Ibitipoca is rich in biodiversity and offers a variety of species including  300 species of birds.
Share your breakfast in the company of native birds, on a break from restoring the precious ecosystem or at dawn dive into birdwatching with a special guide. 

Breakfast with the Birds

Rewilding is one of the base of our philosophy and our goal is to increase the population of the primate Muriquis, so you as well can spend some time with them, get to know these fascinating monkeys that we work tirelessly to protect from near extinction.

Tea at Muriqui’s House

Each one of us can make a difference
Together we make change

Get ready to see,
the toco toucan,

the largest 
 and world's most popular bird.

The muriquis is the largest primate of the Americas,

A space where they can breathe freely...

Did you know?☝🏻

On average the journey to Ibitipoca


tons of carbon emissions 🌫

Invest in the future of our biodiversity 🐒🌳 and our community 👨‍👩‍👧 

Neutralize your emission now 🌱

Carbon Sequestrated

Our forest reserve

stores _____ amount of carbon,

and it is growing everyday.

Green Cover Maintenance

This reserve is home to __ waterfalls, __ rivers, __hills, and __kms of green cover

Zero Waste Promise

We show gratitude to this bountiful wealth through almost zero waste helping you neutralize your emissions.

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