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Reflora Initiative: the beginning of our history

What is the main goal of companies these days? For some, it may be to generate profit, while for others it may be the desire to become a reference within their industry.

Here at Reflora, we have a very clear and structured mission: to promote the future of environmental and social impacts, connecting companies and forests to achieve carbon neutrality together.

Reflora's goal is to provide companies with an answer for sustainability and to equip forests with a viable possibility for conservation and regeneration.

This mission comes from the desire of our three founders, Marcela Miranda, Nicholas Phillips, and Tiago Alves, who came together to impact the world in a positive way, aiming to create a more promising future for this and future generations, while simultaneously making climate action goals more understandable and accessible to all.

During their research, the three founders found a wealth of evidence that the planet is being severely impacted by the climate crisis. From these studies, they set a goal to change this scenario and realized that the main tool for this change would be through the power of forests.

This is due to the fact that our forests bring several benefits to the planet, not only by absorbing CO2, but also by protecting rivers, endangered animals, rare plant species, as well potentiating the economic and social development of remote communities.

And it is precisely this premise that guides the development that Reflora wants to promote. To bring understanding on topics such as climate actions, innovation, carbon credit markets and their regulations, people management, and application of technologies that involve the digital world, all converging to a greater motivation: sustainability.

Reflora Initiative: An exclusive solution to climate urgency

What makes Reflora unique is not just the fact that we work with an emphasis on forests - which are proven to be the most direct way of capturing and sequestering carbon - but the way we do it.


We don't hide from anyone that part of our inspiration comes from those who came before us, but we seek to differentiate ourselves in building our own path. This desire to be unique in every way can be seen from our initial emissions calculation process to project selection.

Initially, the calculation process is customized and built by the best experts in the industry, going beyond the mandatory scopes defined by the GHG protocol and ensuring a more holistic view of all gas-emitting sources, which can later be used for auditing purposes.

Already the choice of our projects takes into account the highest international standards, such as the Verra and Gold Standard. But we go beyond and have built our own screening and evaluation process, ensuring that projects that pass through this filter are more in line with what we and our clients and partners believe.

Finally, we also believe that one of the biggest tools that differentiate us is the construction of communication strategies that are developed together with our customers and partners because we see this relationship not as just a number, but as a way to give voice to the companies so that they can share their stories with our forests.

We know that it is not easy to make the transition to net-zero and adapt a business model, just as it is not easy to work on forest conservation in remote areas and create a positive impact on different communities.

However, we believe in the potential of companies as a major force of transformation of our society and that is why we encourage the unitedly of efforts in order to combat the climate urgency that affects our planet jointly.

But what about you, do you already contribute to this current of transformation? Join Reflora and be part of the impact network that benefits the world.

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