Forests are the most powerful climate change solution we have

Forests act as important carbon absorption pools. The maintenance and growth of vegetation guarantee carbon sequestration above ground, in trees and trunks, and below ground in the soil and roots.

We focus on

Neutrality Seal


Restore devastated areas and lost biodiversity

Neutrality Seal

Natural Forest Management

Prioritize natural regeneration of native species and sustainable practices

Neutrality Seal


Preserve biodiversity by protecting forests from devastation by human activity


Carbon Lifecycle

Forests play a key role in balancing the carbon cycle in the atmosphere. Following a long period of deforestation and degradation of natural heritage, it is now time to restore, increase and maintain long-lasting and sustainable forests across the globe.


Impact Beyond Carbon

Its natural services contribute to the regulation of ecosystems and the protection of biodiversity while supporting the development of local communities and providing sources of income.


Forest Management

Through technology, we can achieve the sound relation between Forest and Human activity. In a short period of time, new forestry methodologies have been developed to maintain biodiversity, regenerate the capacity, vitality, and productivity of the land.

Offsetting Through Forests

Offsetting Through Forests

Carbon credits must ensure project activities fall within the principles of additionality, net climatic benefit, and monitorization. These standards ensure the transparency and efficacy of your investment.

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Spain projects
Following the 2009 devastating fires in the Regional Park ‘Sierra de Gredos’, the Orzaduero Project was commissioned to protect one of the most ecologically vulnerable regions of Spain, included in the Natura 2000 (EU Commission’s area of protected lands of great conservation value). Registered under MITECO, the main objective of the project is massive reforestation, and the rehabilitation of one of Europe’s Largest birds, the Black Vulture.


Spain Certification
Spain Certification
Spain Certification

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