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We help businesses worldwide

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Reflora's carbon footprint calculation helps businesses make stronger emissions reduction decisions.

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 Unavoidable carbon impact of businesses can be used to directly help climate, biodiversity & communities.

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Reflora's unparalleled communication support helps end consumers understand all the client's efforts. 

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The planet is everyone's responsibility. Reflora provides platforms so end customers can offset their footprint.

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 Solutions that benefit all stakeholders


Solutions that give your business the opportunity to innovate, and grow without compromising on sustainability


Reflora's projects' stringent filtration process, RIQA, ensures that each offset is most beneficial to Climate, and Biodiversity 


Transform your business proposition to sustainable narratives, and aid your climate conscious consumers to be a part of the change.


RIQA also helps Reflora assess every project's viability, thus ensuring that Reflora projects are supportive of local communities

Making green business possible

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Business Development

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Product & Development

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Partners & Communication

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Carbon Emission Calculations

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Business Development (BR)

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Forest Projects

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The Reflora Team


Climate journey to achieve your goals

Sustainability solutions that work for the planet, your customers and business 

Changing the way we do business

We understand that the greatest challenge of our times is the seamless integration of sustainability into our growing businesses.
This is why, we create products that help you evolve with sustainability.

Some important questions

Why choose carbon offsets?

Choosing carbon offsets solutions is beneficial for innovative companies that are willing to move a step forward with sustainability.Offsetting moves you closer to being a socially responsible company that is exactly what consumers are looking for nowadays.

Who gains from carbon offsetting?

Apart from businesses; climate and local population, are greatly impacted. Many forests across the globe are destroyed, simply due to neglect and the local communities' desperate need for income. Correct channels of funding use forest conservation as economic means of support for local communities.

What are Nature Based Solutions?

Nature based solutions are all kinds of offset instruments that  harness the natural powers of everything that nature gives us. Nature based solutions always have a deeper impact, as they often  provide ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) benefits. These projects are also heavily monitored.

How does Reflora calculate emissions?

After years of studying carbon emission patterns and sources, and reviewing the various country specific or international guidelines, Reflora's team of experts has developed carbon analysis that not only complies with the GHG protocol, but also ensures your business is covered with ever evolving regulations.

What is RIQA and how does it work?

RIQA is a revolutionary tool designed by the climate experts at Reflora that helps analyse each nature based project on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). RIQA analyses each project for over 33 parameters covering all possibilities, then rates them from A+ to D, allowing you to make the best informed decision.

How can I convey my efforts to customers?

Don't worry, Reflora has got you covered. Reflora knows that communicating sustainability is complicated. So, we provide you with the best support in the market to spread your efforts to your climate conscious consumers in an effective way. With us, your consumers will be inspired to walk on this path with you. 


We make carbon neutrality achievable

Let sustainability help your business grow

Does the journey work? 

Our clients often say...

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I highly recommend Reflora as a sustainability partner because of their proactivity, their professionalism taking just quality projects and their accompaniment and follow-up during all the work process!

Cristina Díaz, Brand Manager

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It is an honour to be part of the project, Marajó in the Amazon. The report turned out beautiful and detailed. A lot of effort was put into it. Miluna is proud of our  step towards climate action.  

Jacobo de Llanza, Founder

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Reflora brings added value to events and inspires other sectors to follow these steps to a more sustainable world, offsetting the footprint of in-flight, in-person, digital events and even in the offices is a game changer, and we couldn't be happier to be able to help make it happen!

Andrea Longhini, Project Manager

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